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coralCoral is a natural gem that is extracted from warm seas. It appears in white, red, and black colors with about 350 different shades.

The Maya people liked to wear coral jewelry as they believed it would protect them from evil powers.

It is a great talisman for travelers, as it guards from thefts, bad people, and deception. It also gives prudence and wisdom, neutralizing negative energy and influencing the human mind in a positive way.

Cubic zirconia

fianitCubic zirconia is an artificial crystal that was created in 1968. Colorless type of cubic zirconia is very similar to diamond in refractivity and appearance.

Stones may be of any color depending on the exact substances added.

Cubic zirconia reorganizes emotions. It patronizes geniuses and scientists, and brings luck to journalists and creative people.

925 Sterling Silver 
Average weight:
4.2 gm.

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