Сarnelian & Pearl Bracelet

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Carnelian or Red Onyx is a mineral of bright, fiery orange-red color. It has been thought since the ancient times that the carnelian amulet protects from all the dangers in life.
It improves mood, has a sedative and placatory effect, brings success in business, and attracts fortune and luck. Carnelian has the strongest influence on Gemini and Virgos.


pearlPearl is a gift from the sea, as it forms from a grain of sand, being enveloped for decades by mineral substances in a mollusk shell.

Harmony and magic of three elements are concentrated within every pearl: Air, Water, and Earth. It helps to improve health and wellbeing.

Pearl is connected with the powers of the Moon. Because of this, it is said to show the truth to its owner with no illusions. Pearl is a symbol of loyalty and pure love, bringing much happiness to life. It protects from evil, betrayal, and hatred.

925 Sterling Silver 
Average weight:
13.6 gm.

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