Corundum, Chalcedony & Onyx Bracelet

Corundum, Chalcedony & Onyx Bracelet

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Corundum is, to be exact, a group of minerals. Rubies and sapphires are the most famous and expensive in this group.

In ancient Egypt it was a sacred stone. All types of corundum influence human health in a positive way. The stone stirs up the internal forces of a person, his or her concentration on learning and understanding things, and helps in achieving goals. It is good for active people.



Chalcedony is a variety of quartz. The origin of the name is connected with the old town Chalcedon in ancient Greece. It has milky, light blue, opal, or amber-grey color varieties.

There are more than a hundred forms of chalcedony; for example, chrysoprase, cornelian, flint, agate, and onyx. The stone brings happiness and love and drives away anguish. It absorbs and disperses all negative energy.



Chrysoprase or Green Onyx is a semiprecious stone of green color. It is quite transparent. It is good for innovators, inventors, and businesspeople. It is thought that chrysoprase relieves nightmares and can warn the owner about danger with sudden turbidity. This mineral also can repel negative energy and return it to the offender. This gem is the best option for Aquarius.



Carnelian or Red Onyx is a mineral of bright, fiery orange-red color. It has been thought since the ancient times that the carnelian amulet protects from all the dangers in life.
It improves mood, has a sedative and placatory effect, brings success in business, and attracts fortune and luck. Carnelian has the strongest influence on Gemini and Virgos.


agateAgate mineral is a kind of quartz, and occurs in an incredible variety of shapes and colors. Agate mesmerizes with its beautiful banding, and rich, tender shades.
There are more than 150 varieties of agate. It is widely thought that only a person of high moral standing may find and possess agate.

This mineral gives courage, peace, and confidence to its owner, along with making emotions more prominent, developing talents, and attracting success.

925 Sterling Silver 
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24.7 gm.

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