Ruby & Sapphire Bracelet

Ruby & Sapphire Bracelet

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Ruby is the second hardest gem after diamond. It can only be shades of red, varying from pale pink to red-and-black.

Indians called it “A lord of gems.” This is a mineral of pure thoughts and self-belief. It gives invulnerability, banishes anguish, drives away depression, protects from evil chants, and strengthens its owner.

Ruby is also a symbol of passionate and fervent love.




Sapphire is a gem. In jewelery, all shades of corundum stones are considered sapphires, except the red ones, which are rubies.

Sapphires are a reflection of endless sky, purity of mind, and the ability to see the essence. Sapphire helps to get rid of laziness; it is a gem of contemplation, wisdom, and perception.

And with no doubt it is a symbol of unselfishness and eternal friendship.


925 Sterling Silver 
Average weight:
6.4 gm.

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