Opal & colored Corundum Earrings

Opal & colored Corundum Earrings

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Opal is a gem of unique color. It comes from the Latin word “opalus,” which means “enchanting the eyesight.” Opal perfectly refracts light and as a result it shimmers in all the colors of rainbow.
The energy of this stone is incredible. It is a talisman of talented and gifted folks. Altruists, noble and honest people, can proudly wear opal jewelry, for it will bring them luck.



Corundum is, to be exact, a group of minerals. Rubies and sapphires are the most famous and expensive in this group.

In ancient Egypt it was a sacred stone. All types of corundum influence human health in a positive way. The stone stirs up the internal forces of a person, his or her concentration on learning and understanding things, and helps in achieving goals. It is good for active people.

925 Sterling Silver 
Average weight:
3.9 gm.

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